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“The Kuala Lumpur International Comedy Festival (KLICfest) is THE BIGGEST International Comedy Festival in the region.”

Filipino Performers – Filipino Fix

Filipinos are known throughout the world for their great talent in music and that isn’t exactly a bad stereotype. Sure, it’s unfair that Pinoys are so naturally gifted, but just to shove it in our faces that not all men are created equally, here are FOUR amazingly funny comedians from the Philippines to show us that they can be funny too. Remember how girls always say, “Oh,I love guys who can play music and sing”, or “Oh I like guys with a sense of humour?”. Well pack your bags lads, you got nothing on these guys, they’ve got both ends covered!

GB Labrador
Not content with just being the top comic in the Philippines, GB Labrador has also spearheaded a comedy revolution in Manila, actively promoting and showcasing the art of stand-up comedy to a burgeoning audience. Naturally gifted, GB’s brand of humour has been consistently appreciated by fans in the region, but deeply respected by comedians themselves. An explosive bag of wits and tricks, this is one comic you don’t want to miss.

Alex Calleja
Alex is one of Manila’s most ascerbic performers. Having done stand-up since 1997, this experienced performer has performed to a multitude of crowds, from corporate to club. His material is always accessible, relatable and self-depreciating. A very intelligent crowd-pleaser.

Victor Anastacio
One way to describe Victor’s comedy is 100% original. It does not feel copied or rehashed or fabricated from some obscure internet meme or comic. Good comics are funny. The great ones are also funny, but they also show you something else: their actual point-of-view. The trick is to say enough so that the crowd is on your side and roots for you, but not too much that the crowd just ends up feeling sorry or sad for the comic. Victor walks that thin line masterfully, and you are always left wanting more.

Red Ollero
Anybody less observant could easily dismiss Red as just another big guy making fat jokes. Don’t get us wrong, he does tell fat jokes. Very funny fat jokes, in fact. But that is a sliver of what he is capable of. What Red does is unique because he brings you in the world of being fat, regardless of what you’re actual weight and waistline is. And he does with every joke. The audience sees the world as Red sees it. Crowds may not necessarily agree with what he is saying, but they laugh hard just the same.

20 Sept – 5:00 PM @ The Bee (Tagalog)
21 Sept – 8:30 PM @ Crackhouse (English)

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