Cheers: A Filipino American Beer Dinner

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Five savory and unique courses showcasing Filipino American takes on pulutan, dishes traditionally paired with beer. Five solid pours, handpicked by Liz, Lamplighter bartender and certified cicerone. Your ticket gains you access to the above, as well as a brewery tour, additional surprises and a box to take home with goodies from a memorable Monday night. Bring a friend!

Ukoy (OH’-kohy)

Prawn and vegetable fritter

Prawn, dried shrimp, bean sprouts, green onions

Kinilaw na Talaba (kee-nee-LAOU nuh t(h)ah-lah-BAH)

Filipino oyster ceviche

Local oysters, sugarcane vinegar, preserved ginger, mango

Adobong Puso (ah-DOH-boong POO-soh)

Soy and cane vinegar marinated chicken hearts and gizzards

Chicken heart, gizzards, cold noodle salad.

Sisig at Kropek (SEE-seeg aht KROH-pehk)

Chopped and grilled pork

Pork belly, loin, ear, liver; cabbage, shrimp tuile, calamansi pepper vinaigrette.

Turron (T(h)oo-RROHN)

Sweet native banana and jackfruit eggroll

Saba custard, jackfruit filled crispy triangles, smoked caramel


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