Message of the Babaylan Mandala and Pakikipagkapwa (Sacred Interconnection)

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“Pakikipagkapwa” always held for me the meaning and mystery of sacred interconnection. The Babaylan Mandala has always held meaning of “pakikipagkapwa” for me.

The mandalas tell of a story of you, as the Tree of Life, kapwa (relation) with all living beings, nature, the elements, the Cosmos, the macrocosm and the microcosm, the seen and unseen, the past and the future… the creative forces of the AllThatIs, and more

This workshop will discuss the Philippine indigenous worldview of kapwa and pakikipagkapwa. Kapwa is a Filipino word that means fellow or self in other. Pakikipagkapwa is sacred interconnection.

The Babaylan Mandala is a tool of awakening and envisioning a deep awareness of pakikipagkapwa.

The babaylan role is ancient in the Philippines, and is the title given a woman spiritual leader of a village who brings about wholeness, balance, healing and justice for individuals and her community.

This mandala is Her message to us and the world.

The Babaylan Mandalas incorporates baybayin, the ancient Philippine writing system, Filipino tattoo markings, the tree of life and other universal symbols.

In these chaotic times, this tool can be used to connect to the ancestors, nature, humanity, self, to realms beyond even our 5 senses, and at the same time used to ground yourself i your expansion.

You’ll also hear about how the Philippine “Bahala Na” saying can be turned on its head to be a mantra that enables you to own your power, and how to no longer give it away.

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